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No longer a little baby - Rachael
No longer a little baby
Zoe is smiling a lot, and occasionally laughing, which is delightful. She's moved on from the tiny-baby stage, and interacts with people and things. She can hold pieces of fabric and some toys, and move them to her mouth. She likes to hold burbling "conversations", and she enjoys movement games like Humpty Dumpty, and often laughs at them.

On the other hand, she's less content if she doesn't get this interaction, so can no longer be propped in her chair and happily watch the world go by like she used to. She's also started suffering from wind and, we think, early teething, so she's often a bit grizzly now.

She's still really good at night, though, thankfully, and goes back to sleep very easily and quickly after her night feeds. She's also just started being able to go to bed in the early evening and not wake for a feed until midnight, so we're getting our evenings back :) This week we put her to bed before GamesEvening and I got to play games free and unencumbered.

She's still really snuggly and cuddly, and likes to sleep on people :)

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