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Zoe at 6 weeks - Rachael
Zoe at 6 weeks
Zoe is an amazingly chilled and contented baby. She happily sits in her bouncy chair while we all eat, rather than us taking turns to eat while the other has to leap around with her. She loves cuddles, and she enjoys interacting with us, but she doesn't mind just sitting and watching the world go by as well.

She's started smiling, which is adorable, and sometimes she smiles and gurgles at the same time, which makes me squeal "Aww!"

She has very good head control already, and can hold her head up pretty much indefinitely while being supported in a sitting position, and raise her head when lying on her front. She's a long-leggedy beastie like her sister, and has been in 3-6 month babygros for the last week or two because the legs on the 0-3 month ones are already too short for her to straighten her legs in them.

She's very good at sleeping, especially if you put her in the baby carrier strapped to your chest. She usually has a good nap in the morning and/or afternoon. Evening is her most awake time. (Our church friends never saw her awake for weeks, because she always sleeps through the morning service, but then we brought her to an evening housegroup social and she was quite lively.) She can be moved in her sleep, and even sometimes have her clothes changed, without waking up. She's also a very noisy sleeper: she either snores or makes cute little mmm-noises.

Night sleep is going amazingly well. She doesn't go to sleep for the evening until about 10 or 11pm, but then she sleeps very well, waking for a feed about 2 or 3am and one about 5 or 6, but going back to sleep easily after both! When Bethany was a little baby, Alex and I used to work the night in shifts: after 3am I looked after her and he slept, and before 3am he looked after her and I mostly slept, just waking for feeds, but going back to sleep the rest of the time. With Zoe we haven't needed to do that, because there isn't really any "rest of the time". I have to wake for feeds, and the rest of the night she actually sleeps and so do I. Alex usually doesn't have to get up at all. And because I'm sleeping quite well at night I'm happy to stay up until 10-11 with her, and sometimes do my usual evening activities around her, rather than wanting to collapse into bed around 8.

I had expected to spend this winter exhausted, but so far I'm not at all, which is wonderful, and the positive effect on my mood in general, and my attitude towards Zoe, is very noticeable.

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pigwotflies From: pigwotflies Date: January 1st, 2014 09:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hooray! So good to hear things are going well. :)
From: susychurchill Date: January 8th, 2014 09:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's fascinating how different children of the same parents can be - guess that's obvious looking at eg you and Kath - but I heard an interesting radio programme about twins the other day - and the pressure on twins who are the same gender to be similar rather spooked me ....
I think it's a great tribute to parents' willingness to accept their offspring as individuals, rather than insisting that they're 'chips off the old block'. I've always found it worrying when parents give children their own name and then tag 'Junior' on the end ...
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