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Zoe update - Rachael
Zoe update
Sleep is a lot better already (at least as far as Zoe is concerned - Bethany on the other hand has been waking in the night and having long noisy tantrums). Zoe typically feeds about 9 or 10pm, then I go to bed, then she sleeps until about 2 and cluster-feeds for about an hour, then sleeps until about 5 and cluster-feeds for another hour. It feels manageable. She's also having a late morning nap quite reliably, and an afternoon nap, although the timing of that is less predictable.

She had her first bath and hated it, cried all through. Not hugely surprising since she likes to be bundled up and held, not sat naked in a bath seat. Maaaybe I could try taking her in with me instead.

Rob and Bekki took some lovely photos of Zoe and Bethany.

She continues to be adorable, and I'm already feeling a bit wistful about her fleeting newbornhood. I didn't really get like that with Bethany; she was more difficult as a baby and I just wanted to hurry through it.

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emperor From: emperor Date: November 28th, 2013 12:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
There are some very cute pictures there :)
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